Dynamic Transformation

Bot detection against automated attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities on the IoT devices’ management interface, and without signature updates



DeviceShield’s size is less than 100KB making it the world’s most lightweight security solution for IoT devices with limited computing power


Embedded security

It integrates directly with the IoT firmware and is able to prevent even the subtlest attacks by constantly monitoring a device’s internal process status and file changes

IoT devices require proactive, always-on protection

Signature-based security solutions can no longer protect the IoT

No signature update

With DeviceShield, no signature update is ever required

No upgrades

No firmware upgrades are needed

No botnets

It eliminates the threat of zombie IoT networks

Privacy protection

DeviceShield ensures that privacy is protected, it never collects data

DeviceShield is built on Dynamic Transformation Technology

Discover proactive and dynamic device protection from automated attacks and vulnerability threats

DeviceShield registers and authenticates new IoT devices and protects the management interface from automated bots.


Prevent zero-day attacks automatically


DeviceShield blocks automated attacks targeting IoT devices

Secure devices

Protect against password guessing through hacker tools

Security vigilance

Alert the end user to the potential malicious threats

2014: 76,000+ webcam streams compromised

2014: 76,000+ webcam streams compromised



Ultimate Bot Protection for IoT devices

The world’s most lightweight security solution for IoT devices, ideal for protecting devices with limited computing power



Plug-and-Play Bot Management for Web Applications

Dedicated plug-and-play appliance that provides dynamic security protection for IoT and OT environments



Bot Management for Web/Mobile Applications

Comprehensive protection for cloud portal and mobile applications preventing vulnerability exploitation, and automated attacks

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