Dynamic Transformation

Bot management againsts automated attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities for Web and Mobile applications, without signature updates



Deployed as a virtual appliance in the cloud or private datacenter



Reserve bandwidth for real customers and stop losing money and valuable network resources to attackers


System agnostic

Support both Android and iOS mobile systems. Small size mobile SDK

2017: Biggest consumer data breach yet

2017: Biggest consumer data breach yet

Stop online fraud by eliminating automated BOT attacks on Web and Moblile applications, such as:

  • OWASP automated threats
  • Zero-day attacks
  • Injection vulnerabilities
  • Webshells/Backdoors
  • Privilege escalation attacks
  • Business logic attacks
  • Insider threats
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks


Bot Management for Web/Mobile Applications

Comprehensive protection for cloud portal and mobile applications preventing vulnerability exploitation, and automated attacks.



Ultimate Bot Protection for IoT devices

The world’s most lightweight security solution for IoT devices, ideal for protecting devices with limited computing power.



Plug-and-Play Bot Management for Web Applications

Dedicated plug-and-play appliance that provides dynamic security protection for IoT and OT environments.

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