Dynamic Transformation

Proactive protection proactive against bot attacks and zero-day vulnerability, with no signature updates.



Dedicated plug-and-play appliance that provides dynamic security protection for IoT and OT devices and environments.


Devices and network protection

Protects any device from all known or unknown automated attacks and vulnerability exploits.



The appliance secures network-attached legacy devices without having to install an agent or upgrade firmware.

GatewayShield offers bi-directional protection for OT and IT.

OT under attack

As the number of OT devices connected to the internet rises, so does the threat of automated attacks.

Need for bi-directional protection

GatewayShield protects against attacks and exploit in both directions either from OT to IT, or IT to OT.

Device quarantine

In the event of DDoS attack, GatewayShield can also quarantine vulnerable devices.

GatewayShield is built on Dynamic Transformation Technology

Discover proactive and dynamic device protection from unknown automated attacks and undiscovered vulnerability threats.

GatewayShield protects devices and industrial networks from vulnerability threats, password guessing, and botnet attacks.

  • IP cameras
  • Home automation devices
  • Office automation equipment
  • Building automation systems
  • Industrial automation devices
  • Medical and healthcare devices
  • IoT gateways, NAS and beyond


Plug-and-Play Bot Management for Web Applications

Dedicated plug-and-play appliance that provides dynamic security protection for IoT and OT environments.



Ultimate Bot Protection for IoT devices

The world’s most lightweight security solution for IoT devices, ideal for protecting devices with limited computing power



Bot Management for Web/Mobile Applications

Comprehensive protection for cloud portal and mobile applications preventing vulnerability exploitation, and automated attacks

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