Always-on protection

ForceShield’s Dynamic Transformation Technology protects Web/Mobile applications and IoT devices even in a vulnerable environment


Stand up to the attacker

Dynamic Transformation increases complexity and cost for attackers


Limit exposure

Limit the exposure of vulnerabilities and opportunities for attack


Builds resilience

Dynamic Transformation Technology also increases system resilience

Dynamic Transformation tires out the attacker

Dynamic Transformation tires out the attacker

We put security into proactive and dynamic mode

We stop the attack at the point of penetration

Stop automated attacks and protect web/mobile applications and IoT devices

We provide comprehensive protection

Dynamic Transformation Technology prevents all types of vulnerability exploits and attacks.  It does this simply, easily, automatically, without signature and rule updates, and filters out machine learning noise

Dynamic Transformation Technology in action


Reduce Attack Surface


  • Randomize Response
  • Transaction Encryption
  • Enforce Application Logic


Profile Attacker


  • Endpoint Fingerprint
  • Bot Radar
  • Cracking Detection


Fraud Detection


  • AI Assessment
  • Lexical Analysis
  • Behavior Profiling


Variable Defense


  • Proactive Blocking
  • Dynamic Validation
  • Honeypot
Those who are skilled in the attack achieve their victories because the enemy does not know where, how, or what to defend. Those who are adept in defense are secure because the enemy does not know who or what to attack.
Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Ultimate Bot Protection for IoT devices

The world’s smallest security solution for IoT devices, ideal for protecting devices with limited computing power.



Plug-and-Play Bot Management for Web Applications

Dedicated plug-and-play appliance that provides dynamic security protection for IoT and OT environments.



Bot Management for Web/Mobile Applications

Comprehensive protection for cloud portal and mobile applications preventing vulnerability exploitation, and automated attacks.

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